DPF & EGR Solution Services in Surrey

At Potenza Tuning, our engine tuning and engine remapping services include DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) solutions., we can cut the cost of DPF Solution by as much as 75%. Typically, this highly specialised work can cost anywhere between £750 and £2,000. Our technicians provide complete filter removal and ECU engine remapping services at a one-off price that includes engine tuning. 

The biggest benefit our customers experience from DPF Solution is a huge saving in fuel costs, which can be as high as 15%. A fully tuned and remapped vehicle negates the increasing price of fuel so the more that you use your car, the more you’ll ultimately save. Potenza Tuning provides simple, informative advice and free quotations as part of our unrivalled customer service experience.

DPF removal is now illegal in the UK, anyone using a vehicle on the road with an altered emmissions system is at risk of a fine, removal is at owners risk or for use on private property.

We also offer a DPF cleaning service please follow the link to our sister site @ www.surreydpfcleaning.co.uk

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