Truck Engine Remapping in Kingston and Sutton

Lower your fuel costs and make logistics more manageable with HGV and truck engine remapping supported by our own 30-day money-back guarantee. At Potenza Tuning in Tadworth, we provide engine remapping services for commercial and fleet customers in Sutton, Crawley and the wider Surrey and Sussex areas. Increase torque and BHP by approximately 20%, save between 8% and 15% on your usual fuel costs and enjoy a smoother, more responsive driving experience.

At Potenza Tuning, we’ve developed highly advanced ECU tuning files unique to the truck and HGV marketplace. Our engine remapping services in Kingston deliver huge gains in overall efficiency and significantly improve the feel and driveability of vehicles within your fleet. Your truck manufacturer limits power and mileage potential to meet specific market conditions such as national speed limits, fuel ranges, marketing requirements and climate conditions. We remove all restrictions legally to enhance performance and to lower annual fuel costs.

In more recent times, the engine remapping marketplace in Sutton and all other parts of Surrey and Sussex has become highly sophisticated. Most commercial vehicles registered after 2008 cannot be programmed directly through the diagnostic port. Usually, the entire ECU has to be removed so that a bench upgrade can be performed. At Potenza Tuning, we use advanced tools, software and equipment to eliminate the extensive amounts of workmanship required for truck and HGV engine tuning and remapping.

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